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Smart way to work with our integrated e-navigation solution

You have already enough work to do, let us make your tasks simpler with our integrated e-navigation solutions and software. Marine Press e-navigation solutions have been designed to be flexible, easy to use and perform better than competing solution. When you sign up for our e-navigation solution, you can rest assured that you are in good hands backed by 25 years of experience providing superior navigation services. 



The latest in e-navigation innovation, SeaPassage, is the key to saving you time and money. SeaPassage enables you to track all your navigation products easily and acts as the central hub for all your navigation needs. You can quickly see the status of each of your subscribed products and easily update their data through a hassle free process.


Your staff ashore can keep tabs on your fleet and monitor valuable intelligence through our SeaPassage Web portal. Track your fleet and manage their product holdings from one single location.

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CloudSync provides an additional layer of improvement to your process while strengthening your cybersecurity. Get directly all your digital products through a direct connection to your personal secure repository at Marine Press. CloudSync makes a technical challenge easy through it seamless integration with our SeaPassage platform.

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Pay As You Sail 

Our Pay As You Sail service has been developed with the goal of providing the best PAYS experience on the market without the need of additional hardware or input for your officers onboard. No competing PAYS comes close to matching the PAYS experience you will get with Marine Press.

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Save time & money 

Let us show you how a custom-tailored e-navigation solution by Marine Press can improve your processes; saving you time and money.

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