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Marine Press Introduces Its Fully Automated Pay As You Sail Service for ENCs

MONTREAL, Canada – January 10th 2017 – Marine Press of Canada Inc, a leading supplier of integrated navigation solutions for the marine industry, is introducing its innovative Pay As You Sail (PAYS) service that will enable customers to spend less time ordering and managing their inventory of ENCs and focus their attention on sailing.

Marine Press’ PAYS is a fully automated subscription-based service that gives vessel operators access to unlimited worldwide ENC coverage, without the associated costs. Customer using PAYS can increase productivity and safety onboard, and reduce administration. When subscribed, vessel operators have access to all ENCs worldwide but will only get charged for those they use as part of their actual voyage. This enables vessel operators to focus less time on administrative duties while having the peace of mind that they will have the ENCs on hand when they need them.

“Customers are loving our Pay As You Sail solution. They can focus on other tasks and not worry about having the right ENCs for their passage” explains Captain Malcolm Soares, Director of Sales & Operations of Asia Pacific. “Customers are quickly realizing that not all Pay As You Sail offerings are equal. Competitor solutions often require the installation of third-party equipment or have the vessel crew phone in from time to time. Marine Press is offering a completely automated and hardware free experience. That is why our Pay As You Sail solution is being so well received.”

About Marine Press’ Pay As You Sail

The PAYS subscription service is automated and built on superior technology, certified by DNV-GL.

  • Increased productivity: No manual intervention like route and basket creation. Just smooth sailing.
  • Less administration: No need to request quotes, submit orders and wait for approvals and permits.
  • Hardware free: No technician required on-board, no additional cost related to hardware purchase and maintenance.
  • Superior Tracking: Supports multiple technologies with 3 levels of redundancy.
  • First Class 24/7 support: In-house support and development team enables us to provide great service to our customers.

For more information concerning Pay As You Sail and other Marine Press products visit




About Marine Press

Marine Press offers a complete range of integrated navigation solutions – from paper products to e-navigation. We understand the needs of vessel operators and our solutions are as flexible as our customers are diverse. Our solutions are all designed to improve efficiency and ease your day to day operations onboard and ashore.


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