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The SeaPassage platform is an integrated navigation software suite that saves you time and money while keeping you organized. Acting as a central hub, SeaPassage enables you to manage all your digital products onboard while giving oversight capabilities to ashore staff through a sleek web portal.

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SeaOps is a web based platform that provides oversight capabilities to offices and to fleet operation centers. Through a modern and easy to use interface, users can track, monitor and manage their fleet through one single portal. Integrated with our SeaPassage platform onboard vessels, SeaOps can provide situational awareness to fleet manager without contacting the vessel directly.

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Offering a better experience than using paper charts, SeaTab provides the same ENCs you get as part of your Marine Press SeaPassage subscription. With live data from the AIS Pilot Plug interface, SeaTab can be used instantly when needed to provide situational awareness.

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Ocean Guardian

Ocean Guardian, the premier digital environmental compliance tool by Total Marine Solutions, streamlines what used to be a very time-consuming process of managing environmental regulations and greatly simplifies the work needed on board to ensure compliance. Integrated directly with the SeaPassage e-Navigation platform, environmental and navigational compliance can now be managed within the same process.

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Digitrace provides you with chart corrections and tracing updates directly through our software. You also get access to the largest repository for Notice to Mariners (NtMs) and Temporary Notices to Mariners (TNtMs) covering over 30 countries.

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Charts and Publications

As one of the largest providers of charts and publications worldwide, Marine Press provides vessel operators all the required navigational products they need in both paper and digital format. When it comes to ordering and updating your digital products, Marine Press has made process hassle free thanks to our innovative SeaPassage platform.

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Our Services

marine press pay as you sail

Pay As You Sail

Marine Press’ Pay As You Sail (PAYS) is a subscription based service that makes it simple to manage the Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) they need. When subscribed, vessel operators have access to all ENCs worldwide for planning purposes but will only get charged for those they use as part of their actual voyage. This enables vessel operators to focus less time on administrative duties while having the peace of mind that they will have the ENCs on hand when they need them.

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CloudSync is a complete and integrated data synchronization service that makes it seamless to update digital subscription onboard vessels.

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