Integrated Fleet Management


SeaOps is a web based platform that provides oversight capabilities to offices and to fleet operation centers. Through a modern and easy to use interface, users can track, monitor and manage their fleet through one single portal. Integrated with our SeaPassage platform onboard vessels, SeaOps can provide situational awareness to fleet manager without contacting the vessel directly.

Vessel Tracking

Know where your vessels are at all time.

SeaOps provides live fleet tracking in an intuitive and modern interface. Keep an eye on all your vessels and review past tracking data with a few clicks.

Data Layers


Data Layers

SeaOps combines multiple data sources to provide relevant information in context with vessels and fleets. Using SeaOps, fleet managers have the situational awareness to make critical timely decisions.

Monitoring Compliance

Get clear view of your fleet's compliance

  • See vessel chart holdings overlaid directly on map and vessel position.
  • Extract and print compliance report per vessel.
  • Monitor your fleet location in context with MARPOL zones.

With a single click you can view a vessel’s current subscription holdings.

Color coded cells provide the status of those charts.

  • Blue: Chart subscription is up to date.
  • Yellow: Chart subscription is expiring soon.
  • Red: Chart subscription is expired and needs to be purchased to stay compliant.

Weather Forecasting

Map overlays provide weather forecasting in context with your vessels location

  • View weather forecasting overlays for temperature, wind, waves and more.
  • See evolution of weather forecasting over 5 days with timeline tool.
  • Get 24/7 access to expert meteorologists.

Piracy Monitoring

Monitor piracy activity and avoid high risk areas

  • See last attack location and detailed incident report.
  • Show high risk areas.

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