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SeaOps Integrated Fleet Management Adds New Weather Layers

Marine Press announces the release of a full set of new features to SeaOps, its web-based platform that enables fleet managers to easily track their vessels. As an important new feature of this update, SeaOps now offers 12 weather forecast layers to better anticipate weather disturbances to their vessels’ voyage.

SeaOps is a cutting-edge platform that provides oversight capabilities to the office and to fleet operation centers. Through a modern and easy-to-use web browser interface, SeaOps enables users to track, monitor, and manage their fleet through a single portal. Fully integrated to work with SeaPassage on board vessels, SeaOps provides actionable information in real-time, directly from vessels.

 “SeaOps provides critical actionable intelligence to the office” explains Alexandre Trottier-Lapointe, VP of Product and Technology at Marine Press. “For example, fleet managers can view the navigational products to which each vessel is subscribed to make sure they are compliant for their voyage. The availability of up to 12 layers of weather information, among other improvements integrated throughout the platform, is another way that we have made SeaOps the most powerful and easy-to-use tool for fleet managers to have.”

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