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SeaOps Introduces Map-based Order Validation

Marine Press' latest SeaOps update offers an important new tool for oversight ashore. With the new Order Validation service enabled, fleet managers and superintendents can review orders made by their vessels, overlaid on a map that shows the vessel's planned route. These new features ensure better compliance monitoring and provide vessel operators with an invaluable tool to control costs while improving efficiency.


Environmental and navigational compliance together: SeaPassage adds Ocean Guardian

Marine Press and Total Marine Solutions (TMS) are proud to announce a collaboration of Ocean Guardian, the premier digital environmental compliance tool, with the SeaPassage e-Navigation platform. Ocean Guardian, a Total Maine Solutions product, streamlines environmental compliance, by matching a vessel’s location to a comprehensive regulatory database, greatly enhancing onboard workflow.



Integrated Fleet Management

SeaOps is a web based platform that provides oversight capabilities to offices and to fleet operation centers. Through a modern and easy to use interface, users can track, monitor and manage their fleet through one single portal. Integrated with our SeaPassage platform onboard vessels, SeaOps can provide situational awareness to fleet manager without contacting the vessel directly.

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