People first, the rest will follow

At Marine Press, it is our belief that those who are the closest to problems are best suited to resolve them, so we make sure everyone has the decision-making power they need in order to make things happen. Ownership of our products and processes is every teammate’s responsibility.  

We believe that the role of management is to bring everyone to the next level, not by excess of control and micromanagement, but by trusting them to do what’s right. We foster growth by ensuring a safe work environment, where setbacks and mistakes are seen as a crucial part of the learning process as well as success.

Moreover, Marine Press offers discounts on annual gym membership, employer contributions to RRSP, continuous feedback, group benefits plan and flexible work hours.

The person we’d like to work with

Communication : Because we put a lot of trust in our software developers, our ideal candidate will show very good communication skills. Since no one at Marine Press needs permission to do their job, we expect that you can properly express your ideas to your peers to gather their feedback.

Creativity, initiative and determination : Each of our squads fully own their product. This means they decide what feature to implement, in collaboration with colleagues from other departments. As people are not told how to work, the ideal candidate is required to show initiative. While having your share of the ownership of the product, you are allowed to be creative and color outside the lines to build a product you will be proud of.


  • Contribute to the emergent architecture
  • Contribute to the growth of your product, as you will help your squad build the right product as well as build the product right
  • Contribute to the growth of your squad by sharing knowledge, strengthening the squad’s collaborative approach, skillset and culture

Core competencies

  • Solid back-end experience working with .NET or any other object oriented language
  • Any front-end experience with .NET is absolutely welcome
  • Experience with SQL would give you an advantage
  • Experience with cloud service providers is a nice to have

About Marine Press

Located in the Old Port of Montreal, Marine Press offers data solutions for the maritime industry. Our great service and innovative products made us thrive as a global leader in our field for the past 25 years.

As we empower the industry to migrate towards digital products, we facilitate this transition by developing the next generation of data management tools, geographic information systems (GIS) and marine navigation related products.

* Please take note that due to the amount of CVs received, only selected candidates will be contacted. Thank you. *

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555 Rene-Levesque Blvd West, Suite 1600
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H2Z 1B1

Tel: +1 514 866-8342
Fax: +1 514 866-9050


3 Harbourfront Place,
HarbourFront Tower 2, #11-00,
Singapore 099254

Tel: +65 3158 8554


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